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About us

Born from a passion for highlighting some of the most important and contentious global social issues that exist today, OPP deliver outstanding, innovative and inspirational productions that provoke powerful debate, positive action and change. Working to tackle injustice, to support and empower people who have been discriminated against or suffered harm, OPP share with its audiences captivating real-life stories that the mainstream have failed to prioritise or pay sufficient attention to. In a world where the concept of free will often appears to be an illusion, OPP encourages critical thinking, the expansion of knowledge and a heightened awareness of social issues

The Team

Alexander Forsters Jones

Alexander Forster-Jones

OPP Co-founder

Alexander is a lawyer and speaks French and German. He is a Co-Founder of OPP and has been fascinated by documentaries from an early age, especially the power and positive reaction a well made documentary can have on its audience. He has a particular interest in those productions that highlight injustice and give assistance or inspiration to those people that have been discriminated against or suffered harm. With a keen interest in culture and travel he is always looking for new stories that need to be told. 

Rickin Patel

Rickin Patel

OPP Co-founder 

Rickin is a lawyer and speaks Spanish and Portuguese. He is a Co-Founder and Director of OPP. With a passion for travelling and having lived in a variety of different countries, he is interested in investigating topical stories while exploring “both sides of the coin”. He works alongside the OPP team to deliver outstanding, innovative and inspirational productions.


PR and Social Media

Shamina is French and has an extensive experience in public relations. From promoting start-ups to managing communications for international brands, she has worked both in France and in the UK. Born and raised in Paris, she moved to London a few years ago and is fascinated by the melting pot of the city.

Involved in different entrepreneurial work, she has a passion for innovative projects.

Shadé Bull

Event Coordinator

Shadé is a French event coordinator and production assistant for OPP. She has studied and grown up in Africa, West Indies, Brazil and Europe. She has always been interested in getting involved with creative and engaged projects from different art sectors, inspired by her intellectual grandfather Benjamim Pinto Bull activist and friend of Leopold Sédar Senghor, who was himself a victim of a “misuse of power” that deserved media attention and an apology from the president of Portugal.

Veronica Bogdacenco

Veronica Bogdacenco

Digital Specialist

Veronica is a London based digital optimisation specialist. She manages and 

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