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We just got back from an excellent week of filming in Paris with a wide variety of high-caliber interviewees. Therefore, we only have a few interviewees left to film in the UK and France and then we will be ready to enter the post-production stage. We will be able to show you some more of our work very soon, which we are all very excited about. Keep an eye out for further newsletters, our social media streams and the website for more updates.

Once again we would like to send a huge thank you to all of you who supported our crowd funding campaign; which made all of this possible. With the footage that we collated you will not be disappointed!

Below are a few photos from our recent trip filming in Paris and some information about the new French mobile App designed to combat racial profiling inspired by Aaron Sonson’s and Satwant Singh Kenth’s UK Stop and Search mobile App. With special thanks to Ladji Real, Shade Bull and Solene Pannetier for their help with facilitating such a great week and of course a big thank you to all our interviewees!

Fabien Jobard (Director of CESDIP)

Lanna Hollo (Legal Consultant with the Open Society Justice Initiative

Sihame Assbauge (Leader of Collectif Stop le contrôle au faciès! (End stop and Search- France)

Nicole Hirsch (Doctoral Candidate from Harvard University, Cambridge, MA with a focus on racial profiling)

Felix de Belloy (French lawyer and partner at the law firm Belloy Gauvain). 



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